Geese Killing

John McCoy: Generous bag limit raises WV's goose-hunting profile

This year’s early goose season will open Sept. 2 and will end Sept. 14. Barring a massive influx of hunters from other states, Peters expects this year’s kill to be “about average.” Last year’s kill ... read more

Never a better goose hunting season

"When I started goose hunting in the 1980s, the goose season was 10 days long and you got a permit to kill a goose," DNR wildlife biologist Jeff Pritzl remembers. Today, thanks to highly successful ... read more

Sea Around Us: Global fisheries data and the goose that laid the golden egg (commentary)

It is as if we encouraged hunters to kill more geese and replaced their golden eggs with a subsidy (a.k.a. tax money diverted from the funding of our schools and hospitals). Many of the major ... read more

Listing of LIC is akin to killing golden goose

US Trade Representative Karlas Hills virtually threatened Indian Govt in 1989 with Super 301 Sanctions, if the Indian Insurance sector was not thrown open to MNC Insurance Companies. Her arrogance was ... read more

Pittsburgh’s Geese Police keep the birds from fowling up our waterfront

Geese are attracted to green areas near water; sometimes, hundreds will flock to the same location. That’s a lot of waste underfoot. It’s illegal to kill the birds, so if you’re looking to keep the ... read more

Investigation underway after 17 geese shot, killed in new housing development

Cerimele said people may get frustrated with geese, but what they don’t realize is shooting them isn’t going to get rid of them. “Killing them is the worst way to try to handle the situation because ... read more

Bill Maher to Question Canada Goose at Annual Meeting

or attacks by predators before trappers return to kill them. Ducks and geese used for down are shipped in all weather extremes to the slaughterhouse, where their throats are cut. Following a PETA ... read more

Special early goose hunt set for September 9-13 at Mosquito Lake State Park

Eleven goose hunting blinds will be available to hunters during ... An Ohio prison inmate who a newspaper reports confessed in a letter to killing a fellow inmate has been charged in the slaying. An ... read more

Kenya M-Pesa tax risks killing the goose that laid the golden egg

A customer conducts a mobile money transfer, known as M-Pesa, at a Safaricom agent stall, as he holds Kenyan shillings (KSh) in Nairobi, Kenya October 16, 2018. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya In a bid to drum ... read more

Don’t kill the golden goose

Instead of adopting a reactive stance to economic challenges, Modi 2.0 should get more proactive to attain the dream of a $5 trillion economy. The first step is to enthuse India Inc In this article, I ... read more

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